John Winkleman, '77, gets to the art of the matter

John Winkleman recognized by his alma matter Clark University.

Future Tense: A NY Daily News Opinion Piece

An experience shared by John S. Winkleman on the pages of the NY Daily News helps in re-envisioning the future and reenergizing the optimism of youth.

How a Bike Helmet Saved My Son's Life:
Make It a Law to Protect the Head

John shares a personal story in the NY Daily News.

Our Town's Neighborhood Businesses 45 Years and Counting

At the request of Our Town in celebration of its 45th anniversary, John Winkleman illustrated over 35 area businesses that were 45 years and older. Each week, the illustration would be accompanied by a profile of the specific business. The project culminated with an exhibition of the drawings at Mount Sinai Medical Center and a giveaway poster featuring most of the images was produced.

Sustainability in the Not-for-Profit Sector:
2011 Conference Is Success

Through his work as an adjunct professor and business contacts, John was instrumental in forging a relationship between TD Bank and Columbia University's Institute for Not-for-Profit Management (INM) to produce a ground-breaking conference.

An Artistic Eye for Nonprofits

PR agency founder brings creativity and community to clients.

SIPA Scores Breakthrough in
Healthcare Management Challenge

For the first time in the competition's history, an all-SIPA student team has won first place in the Healthcare Delivery and Management Case Challenge at the Mailman School of Public Health.

John S. Winkleman Honored as One of the United Hospital Fund 2008 Distinguished Trustees.

The United Hospital Fund has selected John as one of its distinguished trustees for his volunteerism and contributions.